Jeff Petrich was an internationally-exhibited Minneapolitan painter, collagist, and postcard artist.

Born May 1, 1943 in Duluth, MN, he was the son of a Slovenian immigrant father and a Norwegian-American mother. He grew up in South St. Paul, MN, a booming 1950s meatpacking town where his father Frank was a teacher and a unionist alderman and mayor. His mother Edith was a quilter, a trait he inherited across several mediums.

Petrich was classically trained at the University of Minnesota in the early 1960s. He exhibited fine art intermittently over the next five decades, including showings in Maastricht in 1991, Paris in 1994, and the debut of his Finland Collection in Jyvaskyla in 2013. He lived in Minneapolis for most of his life, with sojourns in New York City and the Sonoran Desert.

Petrich brought a manic quilter’s zeal to abstract expressionism, painting with paper and pressure-sensitive plastic as much as paint. His works are as abstruse as they are striking, inside jokes with a candy aesthetic.

Petrich was also a prolific postcard artist, a lifelong writer, a soulful gardener, and a sculptor. He fathered two sons.

Jeff Petrich died in Minneapolis on July 16, 2014 at the age of 71, and disappeared into thin art. His final years were atypically apical, a period in which he produced hundreds of his finest paintings, collages, and postcards, a rich legacy of modern artistic achievement.