Petrich Postcards

In addition to painting, Jeff Petrich was a prolific postcard artist, mailing thousands upon thousands of 5x7 pieces of artwork over his adult life, and even briefly landing in prison for their content in the mid-1990s. 

Petrich pasted dynamic 2-3 piece collages that play with lines, space, color, and perspective, creating visual puns atop social and political commentary. He most often used newspaper images, especially from the New York Times, which he called The Provincial Times.

Below is a collection of postcards that Petrich sent between 2007 and 2014, mostly to his son William. This assemblage also includes a number of unmailed cards in the artist's possession at the time of his death. The first large block is without theme, a testament to Petrich's breadth. Below that is a section of cards signed by Edith Lanoux, a pseudonym Petrich used in his final years to honor his mother Edith. Beyond that is a series of 2008 election cards, a number of cards addressing modern warfare, and finally a set of footwork cards. 

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Pseudonymous Edith Lanoux

2008 election